Hi evry body,
i need an example on how to use MessageBoxEx, when i want to use LANG_SPANISH,SUBLANG_SPANISH_MEXICAN with .
Posted on 2002-06-13 02:20:43 by sudeer
Reading the Win32 helpfile will get you to the end... Try coding some and see how far you come, sometimes a fresh start will get you everywhere you wanna go
Posted on 2002-06-13 07:48:01 by the_anomaly
where can i find win32 helpfile
Posted on 2002-06-15 08:34:46 by sudeer
It's on Iczelion's site. Either google for "Iczelion" or go to the members section of this site (top right) and look at his profile for a link. I think it's on the "downloads" page or something.
Posted on 2002-06-15 09:47:28 by Will
i think it is more esier if you write the syntax for it....
invoke MessageBoxEx,.................
Posted on 2002-06-17 08:11:37 by sudeer