I'm working at an extensive program, which consists among other things of several Toolbars. Testing my program I became attentive to a problem with this Toolbars. Namely there are sometimes colored points on the individual buttons. My program draws no elements by itself, a direct bug can thus be excluded.

Did someone have already similar problems, and can explain to me how I can get rid of this problem??

Many thanks in advance
Posted on 2002-06-13 02:26:19 by Marwin
Please post on the main section...
This post has nothing to do with IDEs...
Posted on 2002-06-13 02:38:08 by JCP
Sorry, but I'm new here. So I don't know yet how to handle with the different kinds of forums. :confused:
Posted on 2002-06-13 03:36:36 by Marwin