Ahh!!! I finally got the environment variables to behave nicely.

Anybody using TASM with conTEXT on Win2k? I Think this might be useful. For win98 I think you have to edit the autoexec.bat?

1. Go to My Computer > Advanced > Environment Variables

On the system variables, Click on Path>Edit. Then add [;] after
the last character and add C:\Tasm\BIN

2. Open up conTEXT > Options > Environment Options...

On the execute keys. Click Add and name it asm
On F9 Execute - C:\Tasm\BIN\TASM.EXE
Parameters - %P%f

On F10 Execute - C:\Tasm\BIN\TLINK.EXE
Parameters - %F.obj

The optional parameters %P %f %F... is a built in parameters with conTEXT. You can also add the native paramaters for TASM and TLINK such as /zi, /t respectively.

EG. F9 Parameters - /zi %P%f
F10 Parameters - /t %F.obj

And don't forget to check the option: Capture Console Ouput

I Hope this helps for users who are compiling under TASM using conTEXT.

Hmm. wow! This messageboard sure has changed. The last time I posted was a couple of months ago.
Posted on 2001-08-12 20:29:33 by stryker
I use ConTEXT with the Microsoft Assembler (ML.EXE) and Linker (LINK.EXE), and I have the various ConTEXT parameters set up as shown below. However, I do not have any environment variables set in AUTOEXEC.BAT, because you don't need to.

In the Environment Options - Execute Keys - asm I have:

F9 Execute C:\ASM\BIN\ML.EXE
Start in (blank) - uses directory of current file being edited
Params /c /coff /nologo %f
(compile only, COFF, reduce message bloat, myprog.asm)
Hint Assemble (appears in menu and tooltip)
Save Current file before execution
(ticked) Capture Console Output

Start in (blank)
Params /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /nologo %F.obj
Hint Link
Save Nothing
(ticked) Capture Console Output

F11 Execute %F.exe
Start in (blank)
Params (none)
Hint Run Program
Save Nothing
(ticked) Capture Console Output

One of the very useful features of ConTEXT is that you can have multiple files - of different types as well - in the editor at once, then just click on the tabs to select which one to edit. If you were to set up a series of F9-F12 actions under "User Exec Keys" for say "cpp" then the speed buttons would automatically change their actions based on the type of file you are currently editing - pretty neat eh? So F9 for an "asm" file might mean "Assemble" but F9 for a "cpp" file might mean "Compile" etc.
Posted on 2001-08-13 05:12:34 by Hamper
I tried context and here is my solution.I made a batch file and put below lines

;---------------Start Batch File
c:\masm32\bin\ml /c /coff /Cp %1.asm
@echo off
c:\masm32\bin\rc %1.rc
c:\masm32\bin\link /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /LIBPATH:c:\masm32\lib %1.obj %1.res
;--------------End Batch File
I have saved this file and I have attached F9 key to this actions
Execute C:\test\context.bat ;batch file we created
Capture Console Output
Compiler output parser rule:%n(%l)
I have also attached F10 key to %p%F.exe so you can run after you compile it.
I have put @echo off above resource copiler I dont want to see them.I only want to see my errors :grin:
Posted on 2001-08-13 11:32:09 by LaptoniC