'Til I'was working with DbgWin to solve bugs. But in last time I often have problems it, most times when I want to send a text to the debug window by using PrintText there happens nothing.
Another problem is that my program crashes when I want to print the value of a 8-bit register (e.g.: PrintDec al). So I search an other debug-window with which I won't have such problems!!
Can anybody help me?? :confused:
Posted on 2002-06-14 05:43:58 by Marwin
Check out the debug macros from Ernie and vKim. I personally have not used vKim's macros, but a lot of people in this forum swear by them.

With Ernie's macros, you can print your messages/values either to a console, or to file. I believe vKim's can do the same and more, just do a search for them, or visit their sites.
Posted on 2002-06-14 05:50:42 by sluggy
if you use Radasm then vkim's debug macros print their output directly to RadASM's output window...

I don't think PrintDword/PrintHex work with 8/16bit registers...But to see what value is in an 8 bit register use PrintHex (32bit reg)
PrintHex ecx

Remember hex and binary are close relatives and doing the above will show you the individual hex value of cl,ch,cx,ecx...

e.g ecx = AAAABBCC
cl = CC
ch= BB
Posted on 2002-06-14 07:58:02 by MArtial_Code
Marvin, there was some bugs in the previous DbgWin.exe, but Vkim has them worked out now.. he is almost finished another version of the package.

I use Vkim's debug alot, as it is more powerful and simple than Ernie's debug included. However, i do recomend them as well, since i use Ernie's for about 1 1/2 years and found them to be very effective as well... The only catch with them is you have to compile as a consol window to get debug info...

Posted on 2002-06-14 23:54:34 by NaN
there are some bugs in the debugging tool. NaN, bitRAKE, Thomas and I are preparing the new version. But I know that many people write their own macros for dbgwin. Look at the macros in debug.inc and write macros you need. If you will have problems writing macros ask me please.
Posted on 2002-06-15 02:42:53 by vkim
and where does one get vKims macros without asking vKim. I looked on the net with no joy. am happy to d/l just need the location
Posted on 2002-06-15 04:34:46 by Kremen

am happy to d/l just need the location

Posted on 2002-06-15 05:45:48 by bazik
thanks bAZiK, i've been through the masm32 dir a hundred times. suffering from asm overload.


asm is AwSoMe - now i just need to understand it
Posted on 2002-06-16 22:12:31 by Kremen
vkim's dbgwin rocks!!

I don't use the old dbmacros anymore. They were hell to use when you were debugging the paint proc... you reach the paint proc, the message box overlays your window... then you close the messagebox which causes a repaint of your window... which caused another message box... good thing I looked through the new (v7) masm32 directories or I would have missed using dbgwin....
Posted on 2002-06-17 04:18:43 by AmkG
HE team uses DebugView from www.sysinternals.com
Posted on 2002-06-17 18:31:02 by BogdanOntanu
I use the debugger in VC. Trace the asm file in text or "mixed"
mode. You can build and edit there if you want to.
CPU registers -- memory window -- watches -- breakpoints --
all pretty nice.
The only problem is cost.
Posted on 2002-06-17 19:22:58 by Roy Cline