I'm a total newbie, and I'm looking for any kind of articles on 32bit asm programming for the X86
or does anyone know any good books not out of date isbn nr ?
Greet kemu
Posted on 2002-06-15 06:30:08 by kemu

For tutorials, you should first look at Iczelions site: win32asm.cjb.net .
For good books... it's hard to find good Windows ASM books (does one exist? :) ). If you are new to programming anyway, you should get a General Windows programming book... Petzold did a good one.
Posted on 2002-06-15 06:42:39 by bazik
I'm not really new to programming I'm just new to asm
and I don't really want to programme for windows I know that book it's for c++ if I'm right
Posted on 2002-06-15 06:51:13 by kemu
Go download the Intel manual and read. It's a bit difficult to understand in the beginning, but when you start reading asm code, you will understand it ;)
Posted on 2002-06-15 08:21:30 by roticv
hm do you have the link to this intel manual? =)
Posted on 2002-06-15 11:27:57 by nyook
go to http://developer.intel.com and search for "manual"
Posted on 2002-06-15 11:40:38 by Kudos
Posted on 2002-06-15 12:05:40 by kemu
The 16-bit version of the "Art Of Assembly Language" (http://webster.cs.ucr.edu) is an excellent book to learn assembly. It covers both 16 and 32 bits assembly programming (adressing modes, instruction set, floating point operations, ...)
Posted on 2002-06-15 12:07:45 by Dr. Manhattan
ok that wasn't such a good search term. go to this page
Posted on 2002-06-15 12:20:42 by Kudos
Have a look at my site www.MadWizard.org.

Posted on 2002-06-16 03:19:24 by Thomas