Hi manos

Works well on 98. On xp the dll loads but the row and col headers seem to have large widt or height.

Posted on 2002-06-18 16:43:35 by KetilO
Hi manos

I have added custom control capabilities to RadASM. To have your bitmap on the toolbox button you must export this function in your dll.

GetBmp proc
invoke LoadBitmap,hInstance,IDB_MY_BUTTON_BITMAP
GetBmp endp

The bitmap must be 20x20. Avoid white color.
RadASM destroys the bitmap after it has added it to it's imagelist, so you dont have to worry about that.

I will release the new version of RadASM soon.

Posted on 2002-06-18 19:39:07 by KetilO
on win2k sp2 here's what your test program produced...
Posted on 2002-06-19 02:38:52 by MArtial_Code
Looks exactley the same for me on my machine here at work (Win2K, SP2). The color buttons are not working, too.
Posted on 2002-06-19 02:45:48 by bazik
Hello KetilO.

To avoid squander memory i have use any 16 bit values in my arrays.
Because Windows xp are full 32 bit,i think that it is the problem.
I "ll modify my code so that make all arrays 32 bit and after i post you my Dll with the bitmap.

Posted on 2002-06-19 07:01:39 by Anonymous
Hi manos

Great :alright:

Posted on 2002-06-19 07:03:55 by KetilO
Hi manos

Oh, I forgot. I also need your dll to give me an unike ID. Export also this function.

GetID proc
mov eax, 258
GetID endp

RadASM uses this ID to identify your control, regardless of ini file setup. Other controls will of course have other ID's.

Posted on 2002-06-19 09:59:09 by KetilO
Hi All.

Before i improve the GenericGrid,i post to MArtial_Code a simple app to test if it works in Windows xp.

Posted on 2002-06-20 11:16:16 by Anonymous
I've got XP and it worked fine for me

Posted on 2002-06-20 12:13:17 by Delight
XP Pro here, the latest example works fine. The previous one gave the same result MArtial_Code got earlier.
Posted on 2002-06-20 13:04:53 by Qweerdy
manos I'm running win2k SP2
the grid control seems to be working fine now....
see attached image...
Posted on 2002-06-20 15:29:32 by MArtial_Code
Hi KetilO.

I post the GenericGrid Control with the bitmap.

GetID ; return 258.

Posted on 2002-06-20 16:04:02 by Anonymous
Hi manos

Works great with RadASM dialod design. :alright:

Posted on 2002-06-20 17:05:39 by KetilO
Hi KetilO.

Very nice.
I 'll continue building GenericGrid Control and before long i 'll post you the Dll again,with new properties and more functionality.

Posted on 2002-06-21 03:46:15 by Anonymous
Hi manos

I'm excited to see what you come up with. :alright:
Havin a decent grid in asm is something many people want.

Posted on 2002-06-21 04:20:52 by KetilO
Hi KetilO,Hi All.

Five years ago,when i had start programming(firstly in Visual Basic),i had the desire to make a program like Excel.
I began with Visual Basic,bat it is slow and don't give me alls.
So,i began learning API.Late on,i continue my work with Visual C++ with MFC.I had make the GenericGrid as an ActiveX Control,bat i don't like MFC,because it is a wraper of API,have limitations,difficulty and consume unnecessary KBytes.Late on,i try to make the GenericGrid with ATL.It is better.However,because ActiveX Controls are a litle slow servers and can not be use easily with simple C programs,i leaved the idea of ActiveX Control and i choosed to make the GenericGrid in a Dll,as Common Controls,with simple C Language.So,the GenericGrid can be used with any Language.
Just this time,three months ago,i visited Iczelion site and downloaded the masm32,Iczelion Tutorials etc.Since then i am enthusiast about assembly and i choosed to programming with it.
Now,i must modify and adapt my code from C++ with classes to assembly without classes.It work require time and i am new in assembly.(I am new in assembly but old in age.I have the same age as hutch!).

My GenericGrid Control can do the following:

The user can put,edit and obtain text in each cell,with any text color and Font in each cell,can select a range of cells highlighting or no,copy and paste the text of selecting cells,can scroll the Grid,can change the width of cols and height of rows by mouse or by code,can align the text in each cell,can add or remove cols and rows.
Also,the GenericGrid posts messages to parent window,(as Events in ActiveX Controls),that the programmer can do anything.For examble,in GM_DRAW,the programmer can put a picture in a cell,etc.
I believe that,with the help All of you,i'll completion this work.


The GenericGrid Control not use any Dll or Control.
The code is writen only by me.
Posted on 2002-06-21 09:51:06 by Anonymous
Hi manos

Well, I have not reached the age of huch yet, but close enough.
An Excel clone without MFC and ActiveX would be great. GenericGrid will get you a giant step closer.

Posted on 2002-06-21 10:16:51 by KetilO
Hi KetilO.

Because Controls takes the Font of Parent Window,I must Know the following:

When a Control of ToolBox of Radasm placed on a Dialog,the Dialog sends the message WM_SETFONT to the Control or no ?
If no,how the Controls of ToolBox take the Font of parent ?

Posted on 2002-06-23 05:22:43 by Anonymous
Hi manos


Posted on 2002-06-23 06:46:24 by KetilO
Hi KetilO,Hi All.

Because i had a problem with my Screen(Monitor),i delayed 6 days to work with GenericGrid Control.
Tomorrow i 'll post an examble with new properties to test.

Posted on 2002-07-01 14:21:04 by Anonymous