I've noticed that size of samples by .. was it Scronty (?) is bigger then the ones MS provided. How come? :(

Why is that "*70.dll" essential?
Posted on 2002-06-16 18:15:27 by Milos
Afternoon, Milos.

That "*70.dll" was only essential because I was originally using M$VC++(v7) .net library files when I did the DX8.1 examples.

If you've got M$ VC/C++v6 libs, then that dll isn't necessary (howver, other dlls may be required).

Which samples are larger than the ones m$ supply?

Posted on 2002-06-16 22:52:20 by Scronty
Convertion of Anthony McMahon's shader example:
- VC 324k, but can be tuned down to 200k with some work.
- ASM 9k - really, I tried to make it bigger. :)

My version I call: Scronty on RadASM ;) ( I have a GeForce3 - let me know if it works for you. )

I will post the code in the near future.
Posted on 2002-06-17 00:16:15 by bitRAKE
Doesn't work on Geforce 2 MX :( Yay!!!
Posted on 2002-06-17 00:39:35 by stryker
The dx utilities library comes in two versions, a release build and a debug build. The release build is only available as a static library, and thus statically linked to the VC examples. There's no DLL version of this library, however the debug build *is* a DLL (*70/80). IIRC, Scronty uses this debug DLL (correct me if I'm wrong)..
So the VC examples should be a lot bigger because they contain parts of the static library, while Scronty's examples use the DLL instead.

Posted on 2002-06-17 01:51:39 by Thomas
Hmm, I got confused now :grin: I think that DolphinVS sample is bigger..... but I ain't sure no more :)

Anyway I will try to convert my VC project to ASM when I first finish it and then find some time and see how it will come out :)
Posted on 2002-06-17 04:34:43 by Milos
Afternoon, All.

The DX8 examples used the DX8 debug dll, so those exes are quite small (however, you've got to keep the debug dll handy, and M$ has said that the debug dll isn't distributable).

The DX8.1 examples use the static link lib, and this makes the exes quite large (however, then you've got to distribute the appropriate M$ VC/C++ distributables).

The best solution by far, would be to code any functions you'd use out of the D3DX lib yourself, however this would be a huge undertaking ;p .

You definitely have to compare apples with apples. Compare the debug examples with M$ debug samples, and static lib examples with M$ release samples.

As you may note: there really isn't much difference between the M$ release exe size and the DX8.1 static lib exe size. ~90% of the code is from the static library.

Posted on 2002-06-17 05:24:10 by Scronty
Scronty, is right - I cheated and used the debug lib (d3dx8d.lib) - which requires you to have the debug DLL - which is only availible in the SDK. :( I am still trying to find a work around to including all that baggage that goes with the redist package libs.
Posted on 2002-06-17 21:05:27 by bitRAKE
By popular demand, here is the software version of the proggie above - everybody with DX8 and d3dx8d.dll should be able to execute this one. ( I know, big deal - three triangles. ;))
Posted on 2002-06-17 22:13:43 by bitRAKE