I have been using MASM32(bye the way - great package) for a while now and have a suggestion for QEditor. It woud be nice to convert it to an MDI and allow management of multiple project files. Be nice to have all your .asm , .inc, .rc files under one roof and then build the project. Even have it crteate the make.bat for you taking all the files into account.

If this already exists somewhere in the package then I have overlooked it and would like to know how to use the feature.

Posted on 2001-08-13 12:02:52 by Rock
radasm has all that
Posted on 2001-08-21 22:41:11 by vcv
hutch designed QE as a small quick and lean text editor. It is what it is. For most projects, I just open a half dozen instances of it and whack away, using the task bar as my project manager.

It's a personal favorite of mine. It's quite adaptable to many things. (Mine does lots of COM functions)

For those of more refined tastes in editors, there are many many around. Even the MS Studio IDE can be coaxed into doing MASM.
Posted on 2001-08-21 22:43:16 by Ernie
May I add something to this about Qeditor????
I was using Qeditor on ME and everytime I
tried to open new lines by hitting enter, the
cursor would fall to the end of my file.

if I put the cursor at the end of a line and hit enter
it would create a new empty line like I wanted, but
if I do it again it would fall to the end of the file.

I use Qeditor on 98 ect, and have had no problems
as this is the editor of my choice, but something strange
is different in ME that I can't figure out, could it be that
M$ has done something different to rich edit controls
in ME????

Just thought some people would like to know about this
incase you use, or write a editor in ME...

Posted on 2001-08-22 15:26:38 by Zcoder

Thanks for the feedback. I wrote an MDI version about 2 years ago but I just did not like it, the QE multi-instance version is much faster to use with Alt+tab and is smaller and well suited to having many different instances open.

The original design of QE was minimum size to functionality, flexible configuration and multi-instance from the start. I have supplied it with MASM32 because I own it and there are no licence issues to handle. Most programmers will end up setting up their own preference for an editor in any case as many don't have my taste for austerity.


Thanks for reporting this problem but its the only time I have ever heard of it, I know a lot of ppl used QE on ME without any problems so I don't know what is happening there. QE is based on richedit 1 as it is both faster and a proper ASCII edit control but I have no way of knowing what Microsoft have done with later versions and I would not be surprised if they changed something.

I do have a mod to do on the next version, some ppl have reported problems with the global html to text hotkey so I may remove the option and put it in a plugin DLL. All of the key combinations are trapped directly in the message loop so that they have the correct scope in the app.


Posted on 2001-08-22 20:09:17 by hutch--