I have a lot of problems with a network programming under Windows 9x. All of you know that API for Win9x differ from the same in Win2k, and some are not present. For example, NetShareGetInfo in Win98 has 6 parameters, and in Win2k only 4. The structures differ also: instead of Share _ Info _ 502 Share _ Info _ 50, Session _ Info _ 502 - > Session _ Info _ 50 etc is used. The function NetServerEnum is not present.
But despite of it of Windows 98 remains very popular and consequently I should use just these API. Frequently I set questions but did not receive the answer - for example rather that as will receive the list of computers in a network. Will you say me where (exept Microsoft.com, it does not include all those descriptions into Win32.hlp!) there are some programmer's guides with examples (asm or C or VB) - networking under Win9x?
Thanks to everybody who help me.
Posted on 2002-06-18 08:34:00 by Mike
I know Microsoft doesn't include networking API's in win32.hlp, however is does include them on MSDN. I would also be very surprised if they don't have descriptions for the old win9x API's.

The online version is free, the url is http://msdn.microsoft.com
Posted on 2002-06-18 09:40:00 by Qweerdy
Thank you, Qweerdy!

I download all functions descriptions that was in SvrApi.inc. Those are:
NetAccessAdd, NetAccessCheck, NetAccessDel, NetAccessEnum, NetAccessGetInfo, NetAccessGetUserPerms, NetAccessSetInfo,
NetConnectionEnum, NetFileClose2, NetFileEnum, NetSecurityGetInfo, NetServerGetInfo, NetSessionDel,
NetSessionEnum, NetSessionGetInfo, NetShareAdd, NetShareDel
NetShareEnum, NetShareGetInfo, NetShareSetInfo.
All they work properly.

But I can't find out any user function (e.g. NetUserGetInfo); when I try to use this function with netapi32.inc it fails. It seems to me that there was some another functions. Am I right?

Thanks, Mike
Posted on 2002-06-20 04:39:02 by Mike
I guess the source of your problem is this:

Windows NT: Requires version 3.1 or later.
Windows: Unsupported.
Windows CE: Unsupported.
Header: Declared in lmaccess.h.
Import Library: Use netapi32.lib.

Sorry, I don't know of any replacement function...
Posted on 2002-06-20 05:56:17 by Qweerdy