Hi Qweerdy

I'll delete the old zip's for you.

Posted on 2002-06-22 12:55:07 by KetilO
From now on, I'll follow your example and just upload evrything to my website account :)
Not much there now, but expect a nice layout soon :)

This version contains all the latest files I have released for this addin, and it has all the source code too.
For more info, read the readme.txt

Posted on 2002-06-23 04:14:43 by Qweerdy
Hi Qweerdy: On the latest version of your multi-help addin, Masm32.lib does not seem to function. I have run setup paths and set the correct path. Any ideas on why this is not working for me. It works great for every other help file. This is a great tool.
Regards Fumio
Posted on 2002-06-24 16:14:09 by Fumio