I defined IDI_ICON1:
#define IDI_ICON1 1000

IDI_ICON1 ICON "fitter.ico"

in asm file


but eax return 0
Posted on 2002-06-20 21:10:19 by jerrygao2001
You should reply to the thread you started, please don't start another thread just to reply.

This is how you should call LoadIcon :: invoke LoadIcon, hInstance, IDI_ICON1

Also remember that there's a probability you forgot to include the .res file during the linking stage. So this might be the reason for your problem.
Posted on 2002-06-20 21:16:17 by stryker
but the .asm created by example program.

I make sure that I have linked .res.

I don't know why
Posted on 2002-06-20 21:21:22 by jerrygao2001
use this to compile the .rc file :: \masm32\bin\rc filename.rc
then link :: masm32\bin\link /subsystem:windows filename.obj filename.res
Posted on 2002-06-20 21:22:50 by stryker
I think you don't understand what i mean.

I use Qediter, so the compile complete automaticly.

maybe I should send my source code to you, and then you will find out where the mistake is
Posted on 2002-06-20 21:29:40 by jerrygao2001
Don't send it. Just D/L sample code here. I just modified ICZ tut #2.

Have Fun!!! :)
Posted on 2002-06-20 21:33:54 by stryker
but you forgot to send me .asm file:confused:

thank you , stryker

nice to meet you today
Posted on 2002-06-20 21:42:26 by jerrygao2001
D/L the .zip above. I just added the .asm file. I think you have to rename WIN.rc to RSRC.rc for QEditor to work properly.
Posted on 2002-06-20 21:54:40 by stryker