I add some custom control to Save As common dialog thu hooking.
in Save As dialog, all controls from the custom dialog box are positioned below the controls in the default box, but i wanna know how to position the custom controls relative to the default controls
Posted on 2002-06-22 12:02:34 by dREAMtHEATER
doing this is not a good idea, since the file dialogs change often and you have no guarantee that your controls fit into.

One (bad) example from Quicktime software:
Posted on 2002-06-24 03:45:03 by beaster
Just disable the resizing maybe :grin:
Posted on 2002-06-24 05:40:36 by C.Z.
I believe that from either WinME or Win2K onwards, you can actually specify a template for some of these common dialogs. I can't be too specific, because i have never checked it out, so if you do find some info, make sure you post it back here :)
Posted on 2002-06-24 19:58:50 by sluggy
From the M$ Platform SDK

For all common dialog boxes except the Explorer-style Open and Save As dialog boxes, you modify the default template to create a custom template that replaces the default template. The custom template defines the type and position of the standard controls as well as any additional controls.

For the Explorer-style Open and Save As dialog boxes, the default templates are not available for modification. Instead, your custom template defines a child dialog box that includes only the items to be added to the standard dialog box. The custom template can also define a static control that specifies the location of the cluster of standard controls in the child dialog box. For more information, see Explorer-Style Custom Templates.
Posted on 2002-06-24 22:33:07 by jademtech