This message is for BitRake
I did reply to your message but it never appeared.
Don't know what happened.

I have the CD from microsoft called:
Microsoft Platform SDK
June 2001 edition (build 2502)
Have not been able to find the win32 APIs on this CD.

I also have the MSDN Library 10-1999
which I got when I purchased the C++ compiler.
I have been using this to find the win32 APIs.

However I now have the WIN32 API that I downloaded
from one of the gentlmen on this board and it works
fine. So I guess I'll just ignore the other stuff.

My only concern is how long that version of the APIs
will be valid.

Thanks for your help.
Posted on 2001-08-19 10:02:24 by shankle
The core APIs shouldn't be changing, but new APIs will appear.
Also, I would use MSDN rather than the win32api.hlp. MSDN is newer, has
better (more up to date) information, and is easier to search and browse.
Posted on 2001-08-19 10:08:51 by f0dder