I never noticed before but when i click a link that somebody posts the windows client area is initially invisible or rather displays what is behind it (i.e. the contents on this board.) Its not a big deal but i never use to see that before. Does any body else get that when they click a link?

Posted on 2002-06-23 20:59:44 by IwasTitan
nope... never... and i use IE5, NS4.7, NS6, NS7PP1 to view win32asm & Win2K
Posted on 2002-06-23 21:13:52 by jademtech
well that is weird cuz it never use to do that

and i also notice if i am any length of time typing a reply my message won't post and i end up copying it and logging on again to post. (just like i did right now)

i use IE 6 and that is it
Posted on 2002-06-23 21:36:05 by IwasTitan
I know this too (not accepting the post). And I use IE 5, not IE 6!!
Posted on 2002-06-24 06:32:23 by Marwin