Based on an idea of X05 I think it might be possible to do source code debugging, i.e RadASM

shows the line about to be executed. Idea: Code in the original code window is not changed.

An addin adds macros to the original code and saves it to a temp file and then builds the exe

using the temp file. There is a need for two macros. One that loads the debug dll and one

that calls the dll. The dll load macro is simple enough. The other macro must keep track of

source code filename, the original codes line number and then give this info to the debug

dll. I have little experience in macros so my question is: is it possible to make such a


Posted on 2002-06-24 02:43:00 by KetilO

int 3 ; call debugger
EXITM txts

$X fld height
$X fadd kh
$X fstp height

$X fld across
$X fadd ka
$X fstp across
Is this what you mean?
Posted on 2002-07-15 16:32:28 by bitRAKE