Hi all

I uploaded a RadASM minor bugfix (Bookmarks/Splitted window problem) to my web page.

Custom Control (Spread Sheet):
A lot of features are now in place (colors, formatting, fonts, celledit). Check it out.

You can download it here:

Posted on 2002-07-09 16:53:11 by KetilO
It is seems that the address above (http://radasm.visualassembler.com/RadASM1200/RadASM07032002.zip is not valid (error 404 - file not found):(

Posted on 2002-07-10 06:25:39 by Dmitry
Hi Dmitry

Yes, that link can change at any time. Currently the latest update is:

Posted on 2002-07-10 07:26:45 by KetilO
Hi KetiIO,

I do not know why, but I am not able to download the last update using Windows 98 SE, but i have not problems using Windows NT 4.0.

Using Windows 98 SE I can see the old update and does not woprk:

Update from RadASM (07-03-2002) (RadASM07032002.zip 166Kb)

Using Windows NT 4.0 I can see the new one:

Update from RadASM (07-09-2002) (RadASM07092002.zip 185Kb)

have I got an installation problem?. Is very peculiar, Isn?t?

KetiIO, thank you very much for this nice and usefull IDE. You are very kind sharing this program with us.

Posted on 2002-07-10 11:32:39 by padilla
Hi padilla

My best guess is that it is a cache problem (old page stored on disk).

Posted on 2002-07-10 11:37:31 by KetilO
if you use internet explorer (not tried in opera v6..)
then you can try HOLD the shift key while you click the refresh button. you can do that when you have the "old" (page in cache)
, visibile in your internet browser.
Posted on 2002-07-10 12:07:45 by X05
ctrl - r == refresh. Might be a trouble if the page is on your HD.
ctrl - F5 == force IE to refresh like a new page. ;)
Posted on 2002-07-10 12:25:44 by stryker
Hi, padilla,

<jokingly>KetilO waited when you will reboot your machine and uploaded the new update for RadAsm ;) </jokingly>
My system the same - W98SE(PE) and the link, KetilO posted recently works fine :)

2KetilO: Thanks for update! Just found a bug in the RadAsm.exe file:
Regional chars (from high half of ASCII table [>127]) the editor shows incorrectly :(
For example, in a code:

push MB_OK
push offset MB_TITLE
push offset MB_TEXT
push hWnd
call MessageBoxA
; ?????
MB_TITLE db "??? ?????????!",0
MB_TEXT db "??? ????? ?????????!",0

code shown like this:

push MB_OK
push offset MB_TITLE
push offset MB_TEXT
push hWnd
call MessageBoxA
; ??????
MB_TITLE db "??? ?????????!",0
MB_TEXT db "??? ????? ?????????!",0

But if the code portion with the national chars is selected, these symbols are shown correctly. (msgbox shows these symbols correctly too).

Thanks in advance for solution.
:alright:Best regards to all developers!
Posted on 2002-07-10 12:28:51 by Dmitry
Privet Russkiy. :P
Posted on 2002-07-10 12:48:13 by comrade
Hi KetiIO,
Hi stryker,

I have refreshed KetiIO page with Netscape, I was not able to do this with MS Internet Explorer. Thanks for all of you, as well for Dmitry

Posted on 2002-07-10 13:51:46 by padilla
Hi all

The Find / Replace dialog now has a combobox to hold the 10 most recent search texts. The text is saved to project file. Big thanks to X05 for code examples.
You can find the latest version on my web page.

Posted on 2002-07-18 02:49:44 by KetilO
Hi all

Dmitry has been kind enough to provide me with the html source for a RadASM homepage. Great work Dmitry. :alright:
Have a look at:

I still have to add more info (projects/templates/sniplets/addins/custom controls and support files).

Posted on 2002-07-19 03:38:25 by KetilO
Hi all

I have uploaded RadASM to my homepage.

Fixed keystroke macro recording / playback so it now works on xp.
Help menu now also supports .chm help files.

Posted on 2002-07-19 08:29:39 by KetilO
Hey Ketilo,

I realize this is probably not high on your new items to add to Radasm, but would it be real hard to add Nasm support to Radasm?

Think about it. We would then have Masm, Fasm, Tasm, and Nasm support all in one IDE!

Life would not get anybetter then this would it?

This give me the idea, since I seen you split the projects into Masm, Fasm, and Tasm. Could you add Nasm support also?


Posted on 2002-07-20 18:55:49 by cookj
Hi cookj

The main work about supporting NASM is for me to learn a little about it. Else there is just to add another radiobutton, create an ini file and the 4 .api support files. Right now I don't have the time to an in depth study of NASM.

Posted on 2002-07-20 19:02:19 by KetilO
Cookj Nasm support may be as simple as you making some changes to the RadASM.ini file and creating nasm specific files.

here's how to go about checking it:

1) Edit the section in RadASM.ini so it looks like the line below.

if you want nasm to be the default assembler then put it first in the list

2) duplicate masm.ini and call it nasm.ini
the sections in this file that you'll want to edit are,

I was able to add support for a dos assembler called lasm and even the visual studio C\C++ compiler you should be able to do the same for nasm.

read RadASMin.rtf for more info on the ini files
Posted on 2002-07-21 04:50:34 by MArtial_Code

Your homepage appears to be down for 2 days now.. (maybe more :( )

need update ;) (you know how w*rez'erz are... always need the newest version)
Posted on 2002-07-21 17:30:27 by JimmyClif
Hi JimmyClif

I don't have any problems getting to my hompage. Have no idea what the problem might be. Try again.

Posted on 2002-07-21 23:46:41 by KetilO
Netscape (among others) won't load the webpage properly (it just shows the frames and each one has a 404 in it).

Use Internet Explorer to get the RadASM updates.
Posted on 2002-07-22 08:09:23 by gscundiff
The problem may be the stupid relative paths in the Urls:

<a href="../download/radasm.html" target="main">
Posted on 2002-07-22 08:27:06 by bazik