good idea svin ..

maybe you can let the user rename the file . and he will be able to copy his name too

Posted on 2002-08-19 10:10:28 by eko

Creating an addin to set the styles like WinSpy should be pice of cake. The majority of the work would be collecting info about all the different styles and prevent combining those who cannot be combined. I think Const.Ex is working on something. Let's see what he comes up with.

X05. Your addin sounds very interesting. :alright:


Hi KetilO,Hi X05

I must to begin an "VOD" (Online Video subject In our school's Seek.Net studio) case.
then would some days buzy work in web design and database develope.
So I think Others programmer ,for example you X05, will write the Set style addin perfectly....

My idea is use a "advanced" and "simple" pannel,;)

2002 8 20 Const.Ex
my Chinese name means:HalfGod:tongue:
Posted on 2002-08-19 22:57:09 by Const.Ex

Interested in simple/advanced idea.. for style editor..
(my next project huh.. :o )

Here is skeleton code to RadASMChecker , (dont do anything just an interface.. I would like ideas.. is it worth making.. how to improve interface.. might stop some headaches in future.. already have code to get version infos from .dlls)

Ketil: I would like double click on project tree view to work (like windows explorer), to expand/compress tree
Posted on 2002-08-20 09:09:29 by X05
from some reasons the spy function in DeBug doesnt work

Posted on 2002-08-21 17:28:32 by eko
Hi all

I have uploaded latest (to my knowledge) version of vkims debug macros to my web site.
It is packed with new very useful macros.

Note: Spy still does not work.

Posted on 2002-08-22 04:00:27 by KetilO I create a project via template, then close project from file menu, delete files in explorer it created, but I can't delete the folder it created!
I checked with ProcessExplorer from sysinternals.. and 1 handle to folder still active
Is this by design?

also.. can you add drag n drop file support? Would like to see file change notification to.. as seen in ultraedit + MSVC++ (have demos of dragdrop+file notify if needed)

I have also.. started work on style manager..
Posted on 2002-08-23 21:04:09 by X05
Hi All!

[COLOR=blue]Spy[/COLOR] macro Var: REQ
.if __fTrap == 0
push eax
[COLOR=silver] ;install new SEH[/COLOR]
assume fs: nothing
mov __pVar, offset Var
push offset debug_except_handler
push fs:[0]
mov fs:[0], esp
inc __fTrap
[COLOR=silver]; int 3[/COLOR]
pop ax
or ax, 100h
push ax

this macro work perfectly :alright:
Posted on 2002-08-24 09:50:53 by Eviloid
Hi Eviloid

Thanks, that solved the problem.

Posted on 2002-08-25 11:32:31 by KetilO
Hi all

- RadASM ( now supports XP themes. (Thanks Hel)
- vkim's debug macros updated. (Thanks Eviloid)

You can download the new version from my web site.

Posted on 2002-08-28 08:47:48 by KetilO
KetilO, I don't seem to be able to use custom controls with RadASM 1206, if placed in < or something > then it doesn't work but when added in obsolete way it still works.
Posted on 2002-08-30 14:17:27 by Milos
Hi Milos

The custom control must also support the new method. The controls that came with the upgrade pack supporths this menthod.

Posted on 2002-08-30 14:21:40 by KetilO
This isn't the most important request, but it would be nice on the appearence if the toolbard in the project explorer and properties windows was FLAT rather than win95 stylish... I like the modern look...

Posted on 2002-08-30 15:08:58 by _Shawn
Hi Milos


The custom control method introduced in seem to have fallen out in
I will fix it in the next version.

Posted on 2002-08-30 16:01:32 by KetilO
Hi _Shawn

I agree.
But the toolbar uses a child window as it's container. For some reason a flat toolbar does not repaint properly in this case.

Posted on 2002-08-30 16:06:39 by KetilO