I was reading this and there is a statement talking about masm6.0, in the first paragraph last line

Whenever possible, 6.00 tried to optimize code for us--it even converted lea to mov OFFSET whenever it could (a byte smaller and a clock faster), and often added forgotten segment overrides.

So my question is that mov command better/faster than lea?

Should I worry about this in my code? Or does masm take care of it for me?

Also down close to the end talk about Masm6.15

The /omf switch was added because it now defaults to the COFF object file format instead of the OMF format. This change will break some make files.

Heh, again...so I don't need to include this option? I also include it when I make a *.bat file to make/build everything.

Anyways I was just curious, maybe somebody else didn't know this, but I haven't tried it out either

Posted on 2002-06-24 14:47:32 by gorshing
IIRC, Agner's note mentioned about the case when lea is inefficient. That is, when lea is used with a constant, it incurs penalty. In those cases, I would say using mov is better.

Also, IIRC, MASM release (update) note for 6.14 says MASM does not do that anymore by the popular request. (I don't remember the exact words MS used, but you get the idea. :) ) And, you know, MASM32 comes with MASM 6.14.
Posted on 2002-06-24 15:00:33 by Starless