How to get the processor temperature, fan rpm and such things?
I have a Epox 8KTA3 with VIA ciphset and Award BIOS v6.00PG.
Does anyone where I can get information?
It must be possible to read the temperature in some way because programs like Mainboard Monitor do it.
Posted on 2002-06-25 04:29:49 by jonsson
I cannot help you specifically, but i can tell you that WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), which is shipped as an addon to Windows 2K and prior (and included with WinXP), has a set of classes that will tell you this info. You may gain some insight if you study these classes, basically they will be an interface to some of the undocumented kernel APIs.
Posted on 2002-06-25 07:29:48 by sluggy