This is my first post here, but I have been browsing the forums for a few days.
I have not started writing any Win32 assembler because my Windows machine is dead and only my Linux box remains, but the other machine should be up soon. Writing Windows assembly in Linux using WINE is just too painful. :)

That said, I have some metaquestions:
Every forum has questions that are asked over and over. For example, the forums almost always have someone asking "Which is better--IDE or SCSI?"
Can anyone supply a list or links to this forum's questions of this type so I don't ask them? :)

Also to avoid common pitfalls, does anyone have some good links or suggestions on avoiding common pitfalls that most everyone faces when starting Win32 assembler?

1) Is there a document showing forum etiquette. For example, one that would mention whether it is inappropriate to talk about Unix or AMD processors or insult Microsoft's software or whatever?

2) Is there a U.S. mirror? This page can be pretty slow. France and the United States have a lot of hops separating them.

I also wanted to note that while browsing the forum, someone posted an assembly program that he called his first project whose purpose was to display the CPU clockspeed. I can't find that thread at the moment, but I thought that person might be interested to know that the reorganized version "without all the fancy stuff" as he put it, can even tell me the accurate clockspeed in Linux running the program under WINE. If anyone is interested, I made a screenshot of it running which you can view here. (Warning: It's 294KB and quite big: 1280x1024. The tiny CPUspeed window is in the lower left)
It was exactly accurate--1400MHz on the dot.
Posted on 2002-06-25 22:14:55 by Sivar
0) Welcome! I started an FAQ in the Test forum but it is developing very slowly. Maybe, your questions will trigger some to be added to the list. ;)

1) The Rules outline the answer for this question. Mainly, this is a Win32asm forum. ;)

2) The board seems fast for me.
Posted on 2002-06-25 22:49:55 by bitRAKE