VOID PCIGetHandleInfo(
PVOID pHandle,
PULONG pulBus,
PULONG pulDevFunc

What does the PVOID pHandle parameter mean?
What to pass to this function in pHandle in order to get the bus number and DevFunction?
Please, help...
Posted on 2002-06-26 14:19:45 by Vaxon
This ulr might help you.

The handle is passed in to your driver
via routines that you must explicitly export
in order to be a registered miniport. That
handle can then be used in the subsequent
pci calls that you willl make.

you must export PCIMP_GARTInit.
and its prototype is
ULONG ulInstance,
PVOID pHandle,
PVOID *ppRefData

that handle value is what you would then
use in order to call your PCIXXX functions.

Hope that makes sense.

Posted on 2002-06-26 16:23:42 by prs