Bah! I always run across the hard stuff when I think what I am trying to do is going to be easy. Go figure.

I have been playing with the notion of function markers (think along the lines of Visual Basic). A horizontal line in between the lines of text to denote a new function.

When a starting function is detected, I read upwards to find a blank line all by itself, the end of the previous function, or the beginning of the file whichever comes first.

If a blank line all by itself is detected, I use some code to lock it from update, and draw a line right in the center horizontally across the screen and this is where the problem is...

According to M$:

The formatting rectangle does not include the selection bar, which is an unmarked area to the left of each paragraph. When clicked, the selection bar selects the line.

And I was using EM_GETRECT to determine the valid rectangle into which I could draw the line... so if I toggle on the selection bar, my line code will "spill over" into the selection area.

I have looked around my RichEdit references, but I do not see any way (yet) to find the extent of the selection bar... any ideas?

Posted on 2002-06-27 10:57:22 by Graebel
* crickets *

ROFL :grin:

Oh well heheh, maybe my question was harder than it looked and there is not an answer.

On a related note, if anyone out there has a copy of RichEdit20.dll with Version2 I would appriciate it if you could email it to me. Seems I need it for testing purposes as both of my machines seem to be running Version3.

If you have trouble determining the RichEdit version, put a debug statement in Iczelions tutorial on RichEdit highlighting in the main window proc just after it is created.

If you can send it to me, please also post here about it so I dont get spammed with them :alright:

hotmail :cool: com
Posted on 2002-06-28 11:31:18 by Graebel