I have a some source I would like to share. But it requires the inclusion of resource.h file in the .rc file. I know I can copy the whole thing into the .rc file, but I prefer not to.

But it seems to me you started including it MASM32, but I can't remember if I put it in or one of your updates did.

Do you now distribute resource.h? And if so, where is it located in a normal distribution?

Thanks for your help!

Enjoy your work, P1
Posted on 2002-06-28 10:36:43 by Pone

RESOURCE.H is in the INCLUDE directory as installed. I have the original installation of MASM32 version 7 here and it writes it every time.

resource.h 47062 bytes 5/17/99


Posted on 2002-06-28 11:48:58 by hutch--
Enjoy your work, P1
Posted on 2002-06-28 12:02:48 by Pone