Hey KetilO,
is there a way of specifying the current project name in the command line for an item on the tools menu?
At the moment I use the name of the main source file which is the same as the project name but I often have files which do not have the project filename but i still want to invoke a tools menu item on the project...
for ex.

for debugging I use:

1=&Debugger,4,T,"H:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows\windbg.exe", -QY -W ,$.exe

to invoke the debugger but "$" specifies the name of the topmost text file being edited. Something similar but which corresponds to the currently opened project would be excellent.

Posted on 2002-06-28 19:55:53 by MArtial_Code
Hi MArtial_Code

Instead of: ,$.exe

use: ,5

The ",5" is replaced by the projects makefile no. 5, which is the .exe file.

Posted on 2002-06-29 01:34:08 by KetilO
Now that we're on this topic, do you have a constant for the project's folder? I'd like a button to open the project's folder so I can copy files, zip them and all the other stuff.
I was thinking about making an addin that replaced the filebrowser with an Internet Explorer control opened at the current folder, but I decided it's a bit overkill :grin:
Posted on 2002-06-29 04:44:44 by Qweerdy
Hi Qweerdy

Yes there is, $P, but I'm not shure it will work on tools menu.
Overkill, why. I would love to have a full featured file browser easily accessible.

Posted on 2002-06-29 04:59:32 by KetilO
if i use: ,5
Then it wont send the full path+filename+extension all it sends is the filename+extension

I need the full: ..\radasm\projects\projectname\projectname.exe

I can use $P to get as far as: ..\radasm\projects\
but there isn't a way to get only the projectname...

to sum up the situation:

,$.exe gives: ..\radasm\projects\projectname\projectname.exe
which i waht I want but an edit window with the projectname must be opened

,5 gives: projectname.exe
but leaves out path to the project

,$P,5 gives: ..\radasm\projects\projectname.exe
almost there but still missing project directory

the simplest is to create another variable which has only the project name $N perhaps
then i could do: $P,$N,5

Posted on 2002-06-29 10:05:06 by MArtial_Code
I would love to have a full featured file browser easily accessible.

Me too, KetilO. It's just I don't feel very much like coding it :) I'll check to see how easy (hard) it will be to implement though before I make my final decision.

Ok, I checked it out, and I think we may have a deal here, KetilO :)
Thanks to Xtreme's old webbrowser project I already have a working explorer-ActiveX-in-ASM control, which you can just point to various folders. The views (details, listview etc.) could be set with LVM_ window messages if I can't figure it out through the COM interface.
In short, I think it's very possible that this will be my next project :alright:
Posted on 2002-06-29 10:17:23 by Qweerdy
Hi MArtial_Code

I think I will change ,5 to give the full path+filename, if it does not give any problems elsewhere.

Posted on 2002-06-29 12:20:59 by KetilO
Hi Qweerdy.

Looking forward to your filebrowser. :alright:

Posted on 2002-06-29 12:22:07 by KetilO
Looking forward to your filebrowser.

You may need binoculars to see it though :rolleyes: I suspect it will take rougly as long as my MsdnHelp plugin which I finally consider "finished", due to the amount of projects I squeze in between.
And of course I still have some projects running now too. I've just decided it's a better idea to announce them when they're finished and not when I start work on them. (Ok in this case I haven't even started work on it yet :grin: )
Posted on 2002-06-29 12:43:09 by Qweerdy
hi KetilO I did think of that one but as you said I don't know if it would cause problems elsewhere.

Another query
New Project based on a template:
When a new project is created based on a template, the files which make up the template are left in the new project directory alongside the project files, can you make it so that RadASM deletes the extracted template files.

Also in the dialog editor, the dalog box has an option for a menu.
When a new project is created based on a template the menu assigned to the dialog box is not updated to reflect the new project name. I think you need to do a "search and repalce" on the contents of the .dlg file aswell.

Finally an Idea for managing projects:
IF we take a look in the projects directory we see many folders
in my project directory there are 55 projects some are mine and some are distributed with radasm. you can imagine how many more projects will be created with time. what I propose is a database for projects ...when a project is added to the database the directory structure is preserved and the project directory removed. When we want t recall a pass project then it is extracted from the database and the project folder is recreated with original structure and files intact...
This can be implemented as an addin or as "native" functionality.
What do you think KetilO and RadASM users?

Thanks alot
Posted on 2002-06-29 12:51:35 by MArtial_Code
Hi MArtial_Code

If a template is correctly set up, it should only contain the files the project needs. Maybe I get your request wrong. Do you want to create an empty project (I hate to start with blank pages)?

I am aware of the menu problem. Iwill fix it.

I use zip archives for this. A database might be a better solution and it should be put in an addin. The addin should also contain basic functions to handle a team working on a project (SourceSafe?).

Posted on 2002-06-29 15:03:55 by KetilO
The problem with the templates is this:

Lets say I create a template containining the files final.asm,final.rc,final.dlg

if I create a project(call it "test") based on this template
then "..\projects\test\" will conatin
test.asm,test.rc,test.dlg as well as final.asm,final.rc,final.dlg

I just tested it and it seems the problem only happens with the templates i make. The templates supplied with radasm do show this effect. Imust have done something wrong...I'll look into it...

When I use the term database lightly:grin: I'm thinking of a database for archival purposes so if a project is active you won't want to archive it(unless of course you want to backit up) :
Once you're finished with a project there's no point having it lying around hogging disk space we want to compact it and store it for future refernce.
So we recursively enumerate the project directory to obtain the filenames and subdirectory names. Based on this a logical directory structure is created(in a single file)this will contain all the project files (you can specify which files to leave out) this single file is then compressed and added to the database
of course the databse will have the appropriate header info to allow you to retrieve any projects it contain.

Actually what i just described is probably more appropriate as a standalone tool rather than a plugin hmm...

Posted on 2002-06-29 16:18:31 by MArtial_Code
Hi MArtial_Code

When you create a template, don't add project files. They are added automaticly. What you usualy add is the files stored in the res folder (bitmaps and rc files).

Yes, you are right. It sounds like a standalone tool.

BTW. I have fixed the template menu bug and added project path to tools menu.

Posted on 2002-06-29 17:36:12 by KetilO
thanks KetilO the tools menu works works well now.

My Template problem is now solved.
Thanks alot
Posted on 2002-06-30 04:27:09 by MArtial_Code