What do i have to use in the
MAIL FROM:<domain>\r\n
as the domain? must domain be the email adr from which the email should be sent or should this be my local internet hostname?
if i use any internet adr (like linkle@web.de), i get a syntax error...the command looks like this:

MAIL FROM:<linkle@web.de>\r\n

this gives me a syntax error. why?

and what must domain be in the
RCPT TO:<domain>\r\n
domain must be the email adr the mail should be sent to, right?

and btw, what is the right method to say hello?
HELO <name of smtp server>
(for example HELO smtp.web.de)

HELO <local internet host name of our own>?
Posted on 2002-06-29 02:01:59 by darester
I recommend you to go reading RFC821.

"Mail from" specifies the E-Mail adress, to which the Response will be sent if the user clicks the send button.

"Rcpt to" adds an entry to the list of the mail's recipients.

"Helo" is used to identify your host, because not every mail-relay lets you send e-mails from whatever host you're on. But often Helo isn't necessary. But as I said, I recommend you to follow the standart.

edit: Additionally, you can't use arbitrary Mail-from-adresses, because some servers check the hosts, and maybe check the user account.
Posted on 2002-06-29 03:17:35 by nyook