Is there an ES_AUTOCOMPLETE as in AOL's combobox or a dropdown listbox mechanism such as used in MSN (I guess LB_AUTOCOMPLETE) to speed up the process of typing all the letters in a EDITTEXT fields in dialog boxes? I did a search for 'autocomplete', but didn't see any comments useful to what I want to do. Also, to save this info, would it mean creating another file to store the info the next time the pgm is used and therefore using CreateFile, etc. Thanks for any comments.
Posted on 2002-06-29 09:54:35 by DaveTX47
Unfortunately it isn't as simple as setting a single style bit. You can write your own auto-completion code ( has examples of it, though most use mfc). However windows has built-in auto-complete functionality (via the IAutoComplete COM interface). It does require you to write a COM object that implements the IEnumString interface, which can enumerate the strings that will be used to complete the typed text. If you only need auto-completion for filenames or URLs, there's no need to write a COM object because these already exist in the OS.
Some time ago I posted a C++ example of how to use it (auto-*suggestion* actually, but auto-completion can be done by just changing one of the flags), but I think Hiro deleted it when he cleaned up the heap.
I've attached it again, I don't have asm source of it because I needed it for a C project, but with Ernie's libraries it could be done.

Posted on 2002-06-29 13:46:13 by Thomas
Attached is an example of an auto-completing combo box done in win32 assembly.

Posted on 2002-06-29 13:52:52 by comrade
Thanx Thomas and Comrade. I'll take a look at both downloads and see if they'll help in understanding how to do it.
Posted on 2002-06-29 17:43:41 by DaveTX47
please I have downloaded your code but I can't compile it because I don't have "shldisp.h" include file, if anyone knows please inform me.
Posted on 2003-08-13 00:09:13 by amr
Posted on 2003-08-13 02:44:55 by Hiroshimator
#error incorrect <rpcndr.h> version. Use the header that matches with the MIDL compiler.

sorry guys
if there is an update please tell me,
Posted on 2003-08-17 11:22:01 by amr
Taking one header file out of context (i.e. the full SDK package) and placing it in another one (other version, other includes, etc.) is never a good idea. You'd better download the complete new set of headers in the SDK or you'll keep getting this type of errors..

Posted on 2003-08-17 12:03:59 by Thomas
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You'd better download the complete new set of headers in the SDK

thanks, that's exactly what I need.

I don't know where to download it.

If you please , add the link of downloading this SDK.

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Posted on 2003-08-18 02:34:52 by amr
Posted on 2003-08-18 13:37:00 by Hiroshimator
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Posted on 2003-08-18 23:01:05 by amr