Can somebody tell me how i can color a window so that i don't have that boring windows color pallete but just me own.

I want it to be black and green but don't know how o_O
Posted on 2002-06-30 15:26:52 by Bolle
For dialogs, you can use WM_CTLCOLORDLG message to SetTextColor() and SetBkColor() your dialog. For windows, you can use WNDCLASSEX.hbrBackground before you RegisterClassEx(). Set it to a valid brush.
Posted on 2002-06-30 15:31:31 by comrade
tnx but how do i make them black ? color_black doesn't work o_O
Posted on 2002-06-30 16:14:23 by Bolle
return that in WM_CTLCOLORDLG if you are using dialogs and set that for WNDCLASSEX.hbrBackground if you are using windows.
Posted on 2002-06-30 16:16:35 by comrade
is there anywhere a database or something which holds every color ?
Posted on 2002-06-30 16:20:32 by Bolle
Use CreateSolidBrush to create a new brush with a given colour.
Posted on 2002-06-30 16:26:15 by comrade
tnx but lost anyway so i'll start over with the tutorial's :/
Posted on 2002-06-30 16:33:09 by Bolle
mov wc.hbrBackground, COLOR_BTNFACE+1
if i replace color_btnface+1 to black_brush it doesn't work it shows some nasty grey O_o
what did i do wrong ?
Posted on 2002-06-30 16:41:44 by Bolle
invoke GetStockObject, BLACK_BRUSH

mov wc.hbrBackground, eax
Posted on 2002-06-30 16:57:11 by comrade
Use COLOR_WINDOW+2 on wcx.hbrBackground.
Posted on 2002-06-30 17:06:23 by stryker
Posted on 2002-06-30 17:09:53 by comrade
mov wc.hbrBackground, COLOR_WINDOW+2 :)
Posted on 2002-06-30 17:13:49 by stryker
Posted on 2002-06-30 17:15:29 by comrade
How can i change the color of the window itself ( like the blue bar, the grey where the menu is ) ?
Posted on 2002-06-30 17:43:38 by Bolle
Such non-client areas need to be owner-drawn if you need to change their color. That's a more difficult process.
Posted on 2002-06-30 17:46:26 by comrade
and only that stupid grey can i change that ? or is that to difficult ?
Posted on 2002-06-30 17:52:06 by Bolle
What stupid gray?
Posted on 2002-06-30 19:34:49 by comrade
the grey where all menu items are in ( like in explorer where the buttons home previous next stop refresh etc. are in ) don't know the name of that area :confused:
Posted on 2002-07-01 01:52:24 by Bolle
You mean the toolbars and the menu bar?

Look for:

:: IDEBar by Thomas -
:: XPMenu by Sloat - ask him to send you the xpmenu since it isn't available for d/l on his site.

Maybe their source codes wil help ya!
Posted on 2002-07-01 02:07:28 by stryker
allright tnx very much both
Posted on 2002-07-01 02:20:50 by Bolle