I am writing some kind of a personel firewall, that uses proxy DLL to intercept all socket opening functions. But I can't find the main DLL, in which SOCKET fucntion resides. It is declared in several DLL's, like WINSOCK.DLL, WS2_32.DLL, WSOCK.DLL.
Whis DLL I should use to keep the socket opening process in my hands? :confused:
Posted on 2001-08-15 14:06:39 by image

you will not have they in your hands using a proxy dll. you will be able to hook send(), connect() and these, but will not have access to packet structure and like...

a driver(or a layered system, in wsock2) will be need for this. maybe, in w9x, you can jmp to ring0 from a exe and do the changes, but dont seens a good approach...

but, anyway, the answer is WS2_32.DLL, unless it is using a version 1 of wsock. in this case, is WSOCK32.DLL

Posted on 2001-08-15 19:31:55 by ancev
This is actually a question for you image. I was wondering if you could help me out. I am trying to make a proxy dll for the dll gdi32.dll. Do you have any tips such as how I can get a function list. And how would I load the new dll since the gdi32.dll is always being used by windows. I only want to hook one function the bitblt. Any help would be great.

Posted on 2001-09-14 17:52:01 by kbd