I've finished porting the win32 GUI BST to CGI, read the readme for details. I know how lame it is. It's still in its early stages. :grin: If you want the GUI version, use the search feature of this board.
Posted on 2002-07-02 00:19:09 by stryker
Thanks for your code but when I install this CGI in my local server, It's not working...It's created a file named bstdata.bst but when I add data, the Size increase nothing.
And another problem is slowly running, my IIS 5 not respoding for a long time (10s)
Can you solve it!
Thank you and best regard.
Posted on 2002-07-02 13:29:31 by nhnpresario
Since I don't have IIS, I don't know the configurations. Ask Andy981 on how he did it, I sent him the same code and it worked on his local server (IIS 5.0).

Just some tips:

1. Remember to run it as http://localhost/cgibinarytrees.html
2. Check you configurations. There's probably some lines you have to change.
3. If you want to install Apache 2, I can send you my http.conf file.
Posted on 2002-07-02 13:39:25 by stryker
Take this file and rename it's extension .exe and try it, I made it work at home
Posted on 2002-07-02 13:40:46 by andy981
I took the file xdpnd placed that D:\ so I would not have to look how to set the includes lazy

Then I removed that file bstdata.bst I got that at first to when I used the bat file
THen I just compiled it using the Masm32 asm compiler you get from Hutch as a console project.

Also you need to have your IIS file it's on to have read & write
(It'll tell you when you do it, that's bad, you know your opening the door bad guys), but anyway you'll get a warning when you do that.

But that is what I did.
Posted on 2002-07-02 13:48:29 by andy981
Anyway, I'm creating v0.02 ... a strip down version but woould work on host servers...
Posted on 2002-07-02 14:24:38 by stryker
Thanks stryker and andy981 , you're :alright:

I found the really problem, this is the configuration in ISS, I must config server's Executive Permission to Scripts and Executables like this:

It's working in my localhost very good and fast, the error in last time have no encounter.

Thanks again. Good code.
Posted on 2002-07-02 21:42:13 by nhnpresario
I'm sorry I did not give a more detailed way to get there!

But I'm glad you figured it out!
You got that warning didn't you when you set it to scripts and executables
Posted on 2002-07-02 22:00:17 by andy981
Here's another version of the ASM CGI, this time it now works on the web.

Check out this link here: http://www.busybeesolutions.com/cgibinarytrees.html - thanks to andy981 for the host.

Any non-numeric characters will be automatically discarded.

Have Fun!!! :)

Source code below:
Posted on 2002-07-03 22:28:05 by stryker