Again, thank you very much for writing this excellent program.
But I have a few questions concerning the update files,,
and your of 6/26/02.
Am I putting then in the right place, because it appears that some
with the same name shouldn't be replaced?

Started with brand new install from

Contents of
ExtractRsrc.asm Size: 36578 Jun 19,2002 22:23:08
ResEdit.asm Size: 479071 Jun 19,2002 19:26:52
ResEdit.DLL Size: 133632 Jun 19,2002 22:23:14
ResEdit.rc Size: 16394 Jun 14,2002 11:49:48 new files placed in the following locations
Resedit.asm to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\Resedit\Reseditor
Resedit.dll to c:\Masm32v1
Resedit.dll to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\Resedit
Resedit.rc to c:\Masm32v1\\Programs\Resedit\Reseditor
ExtractRsrc.asm to c:\Masm32v1\\Programs\Resedit\Reseditor

Contents of
AsmEdit.asm Size: 450309 Jun 21,2002 09:23:34
AsmEdit.exe Size: 155648 Jun 21,2002 09:23:40 Size: 18709 Jun 15,2002 09:57:22
AsmEdit.rc Size: 65101 Jun 19,2002 11:49:34
Build.asm Size: 64099 Jun 21,2002 10:17:22
Build.exe Size: 17920 Jun 21,2002 10:17:24
LangCode.txt Size: 16469 Jun 18,2002 08:27:04
Listview.asm Size: 18457 Jun 10,2002 10:44:56
MenuMaint.asm Size: 40379 Jun 14,2002 14:50:18
Treeview.asm Size: 32560 Jun 11,2002 08:51:58 new files placed in the following locations
AsmEdit.asm to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit
AsmEdit.exe to c:\Masm32v1 to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit
AsmEdit.rc to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit
Build.asm to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\Build
Build.exe to c:\Masm32v1
Build.exe to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\Build
LangCode.txt not found. Placed in c:\Masm32v1\Help to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit
also found in c:\Masm32v1\Templates\User\Listview,
but file size is too different then the one found in
c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit, so I didn't copy it there.
MenuMaint.asm to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit
TreeView.asm to c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit
also found in c:\Masm32v1\Templates\User\Treeview,
but file size is too different then the one found in
c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit, so I didn't copy it there.

Contents of
Build.exe Size: 17920 Jun 26,2002 08:00:30 new file placed in the following locations
Build.exe to c:\Masm32v1
also found in c:\Masm32v1\Programs\Build,
but the asm file there is from the file,
so I didn't copy it there.

Also the file HelpMenu.asm was missing in the c:\Masm32v1\Programs\AsmEdit
directory so that it would error out when you ran the AsmEdit.bat.
I used an earlier version of that file and it worked ok, but is there a
newer version that was accidently left out of the v4.3 zip?
Thank you for your help.
Posted on 2002-07-02 10:14:58 by yrret
To yrret,

Sorry about the delay, I've been slacking off on
the job.

**** Files ****

1. LangCode.txt needs to be placed in the \HelpFiles
directory not \Help.

2. The AsmEdit Listview.asm and Treeview.asm files
are different from the Template Listview and Treeview
programs so do not copy them there.

3. The was just a test for
multiple .rc files. I will update the
with the new build files.

4. The HelpMenu.asm has been replaced with MenuMaint.asm.

After you run the Setup program you should be able
to assemble AsmEdit with AsmEdit.

Let me know if you have any other problems or

I need to put together another service pack to
tie everything together and start over on the
FixAsm and FixRes.

I will also be releasing V4.4 soon.


Posted on 2002-07-05 17:55:15 by Ewayne
To Ewayne,

Thanks for the help. It was a little confusing as to where to put the files, :confused: and I appreciate your help. In the future , if there could be some questionable concerns reguarding file placement other than the understood places. Could you possible just include a little text file to indicate where and where not to place the replacement files. It would really help, especially with beginners. Thank you again for providing your nice program. :)
Posted on 2002-07-06 01:26:39 by yrret
To yrret,

Will do.

Posted on 2002-07-06 02:27:43 by Ewayne