I am currently resuming a discontinued PD project thru asm. Former authors hit by real life syndrome stoppped working on it. The program is advanced enough but unfortunately, there is a stupid bug I definitly can't fix/locate and would like to know if anyone has ever encountered (fixed?) this:

It is a Win32 app.
The program locks up when located in a folder with spaces in it.
The programs fails at loading files when these files are located in a folder with spaces in it (eg. "c:/my files/") as well as files with spaces in their name (eg. "my file.dat").

I somehow feel like it is related to the Dos Console debugger but am stuck.

Any idea? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Posted on 2002-07-04 08:27:34 by DominaTor
I was not very present these days, myself was hit by the "real life syndrom" again! ;)

As for your question, I think you should post the loading/parser code to the files/directories, it would help us to help you... ;)

Personally, I never had such problems using GetOpenFileName() API, but your program seems to be a console one?
Posted on 2002-07-04 08:46:57 by JCP
try the GetShortPathNameA() api to convert a long filename into a short 8.3 one.
Posted on 2002-07-04 12:54:18 by Qages
Alright, I'll try out Qages suggestion and if it fails, I'll get back to you with some code parts (as you have also suggested, Readiosys).

By the way, no, it is a regular Win32 app but the debugger is a Dos console.

Thanks guys ;)
Posted on 2002-07-05 02:43:11 by DominaTor