Does anybody know how to find the 'memory available to windows' like is displayed in the ShellAbout dialog box? Is there some obscure API that is designed to return this value or is it more than that? I searched the SDK and googled but found nothing relevant. Maybe I'm using wrong search words. Any suggestions or links are appreciated.

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Posted on 2002-07-04 15:33:37 by czDrillard
GlobalMemoryStatus or GlobalMemoryStatusEx

They should tell you all you need I think.
Posted on 2002-07-04 16:10:31 by huh
Posted on 2002-07-04 16:24:29 by Hiroshimator
Hiroshimator, please refrain from using Belgium bias in your posts!
Posted on 2002-07-04 21:54:59 by comrade
Thanks huh, that's exactly the api I want. And Hiroshimator, thank you, your search specification showed all the relevant results. When I searched for some reason I concentrated on the key word ShellAbout and couldn't find any explanation for what api's it was using...I was suffering from some kind of mental block I suppose but I'm ok now.

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Posted on 2002-07-05 10:38:56 by czDrillard