I am a beginner. I had some problems after read the iczelion's tutorial.
1. In tutorial 3, it invoke the function GetCommandLine to process command line. What is the purpose of process command line?
2. One of the members of WNDCLASSEX, lpszMenuName. And one of the parameters of function CreateWindowEX, hMenu. Both of them are related to window's menu. What is window's menu?
3. If I write a program, which has using the windows.inc and some library in masm. After I link it to a exe file by masm, can this exe file run on other computers without masm library?
Posted on 2002-07-06 14:55:29 by hongmaster
1. In this tutorial the command line isn't used. The command line is the text that somone could type after your program for example myproc.exe /? if your command line was /? you could chose to provice some information about your program instead of starting your program normally.
2. AGain these aren't used in this tutoriial but they are used for the menu of your window. the window menu is the thing underneath the title bar wich has things like 'file' 'edit' etc.(tutorial 8)
3. yes
Posted on 2002-07-06 15:43:26 by Kudos
Thank you very much.
Posted on 2002-07-06 15:50:32 by hongmaster