i just coded a small ircbot, that compile for linux(407 bytes) and for win32(856 bytes).

altought it reply servers pings, and do all needed to stay connected, it dont do anything useful at all.

i hope you guys enjoy


ps: both win32 and linux version in 1 file, sharing common code :cool:
Posted on 2002-07-08 23:25:21 by ancev
ancev, you never cease to amaze. :) I'm sure this will used for good. Hopefully it is convoluted enough to keep the morons from piecing together some destructive Lego(tm) bot. :tongue:
Posted on 2002-07-08 23:46:28 by bitRAKE
very cool ancev :cool:
I like how it uses the same code compiling for both linux and windows.

But why does it join the channel #virus? :grin:

ps: it doesnt seem to run on my win2k box, says invalid win32 app
Posted on 2002-07-09 05:25:08 by savage
heheh savage,

it enter #virus coz is the only channel, from all i frequent, where they dont have prejudice about ircbots and code with a 'possible' malicious use :alright:

here's another one, bigger and only for w32, that i coded previously than the w32/linux one. this one has support for socks4 proxies, 24 undernet servers(wasted space), and do some things:

a) if somebody with nick "ance*" is kicked, kick the agressor;

b) if somebody ban, or deop, nick "ance*", reverse the ban/deop;

c) when "ance*" enter the channel, op him.


ps: a better autentication is need, else anceSavage or anceBitRAKE can takeover #virus :grin:

pps: savage, seens that my pe header and kinky optimizations had made the w32 version very incompatible. in your w2k, probably is coz the alignment. i also heard about crashs at exit in w98se
Posted on 2002-07-09 13:11:08 by ancev