hi all;
i was wondering how get the cpu cycles for the exe file.
is there a program to do it or i have to do some hardcore programing
Posted on 2002-07-10 13:06:18 by b0z0
Search for the PROFILE macro by Maverick on this board. There are also tools like Intel VTune and AMD CodeAnalyst that measure your code's speed.
Also, there is rdtsc instruction which puts number of clock cycles into edx:eax.
Posted on 2002-07-10 13:11:08 by comrade
Its not really a practical thing to measure the "cpu cycles for the exe file" unless your program is very simple in design (Ie: Start -> Do something -> Finish). It is better to measure the cpu cycles for relavent parts of your (or others) code where time is also relavent.

It has to be accepted that 10% of your code does 90% of the work. The rest of it is usally spends time waiting for user input etc, so size, structure and readabilty become more important.
Posted on 2002-07-10 16:31:54 by huh