Hello anyone,

Does someone have any links or knowledge for building isapi dll's in asm? These are dll's ( i think ;) ) that can be executed from a website on a webserver( isapi are build for the IIS Server, i believe).

Posted on 2002-07-11 03:12:12 by eisodur
Your only asking for trouble.

It's easier to program a direct CGI in MASM.
There are plenty of examples here on this board, if you use the Search function.

Enjoy your work, P1

PS: If you insist, their are many books that detail the ISAPI interface for programmers. You need to get one. Don't be too surprized, if you find on the bargain table, marked so low you wonder why, no bought the book in the first place.
Posted on 2002-07-11 08:32:05 by Pone

U are right it's easier to use cgi's but sometimes it's faster to use isapi, when you have to for instance filemap a large data file only once.

Maybe it's a challenge to implement a skeleton dll for isapi's on the board, hope there is some interest:o
Posted on 2002-08-06 07:39:21 by eisodur
ISAPI is a dll in memory with API to talk with it. IIS loads it, when it loads.

So, Create your own dll that remains in memory, that the CGI's call to. So that you reduced the data overhead on the load and retrival of data.

Using up system memory for static data for quicker access is not a new idea.

IMHO, Appache for Windows platform would be better for operation and support. IIS is so full of holes for hackers, it's hard to keep up. And distracts you from your website development.

Enjoy your work, P1
Posted on 2002-08-06 08:37:25 by Pone