please see this p2.bmp ,because i don`t konw show pic in my post,sorry
Posted on 2002-07-13 08:35:33 by zjlcc
For all lazy people who don't want to download it, (self included) I attached it as GIF :)

If I understand you correct, you want to use such a font for your program. Well, easiest way would be to (if you know the font name) use "CreateFont". For a different color, it depends on where you want to draw the font to.
Posted on 2002-07-13 09:45:32 by bazik
if use "CreateFont". For a different color and Size
whereafter "textout" label1,label2,as a result its very alformation

please see 1.jpg 35K,it is my mean
Posted on 2002-07-14 01:26:24 by zjlcc
Posted on 2002-07-14 01:29:15 by zjlcc