Im working at the moment on a socks proxy server version 4. The connection to the clients areestablished succesfull but i cant receive data from the server side (i tried connecting an irc server). My question is, wether somebody here has perhaps an idea were to get an example code from a socks firewall in asm?

Posted on 2002-07-13 17:36:53 by belial
Refer to RFC 1928. I also did some SOCKS proxy work in Visual Basic about 3-4 years ago, so if you still need the source I could post it here.
Also a good site to try is
Posted on 2002-07-13 19:36:16 by comrade

i already posted a socks4 server in the board, some time ago. use the search function and you will find it for sure.

in my page, there's a linux asm version too.


Posted on 2002-07-14 08:33:04 by ancev