Hi There,

i need codes to check system info like:

memory, monitor, video, motherboard, cards in slot, soundcard, harddisks, which keyboards and mouse etc.etc.

if you can make a simple sample code it will be easier for me to understand

tnx in advance
Posted on 2002-07-14 15:51:21 by Bolle
Hi Bolle,

For motherboards, last 'BIOS ID Numbers' list below link:


have nice days
Posted on 2002-07-14 17:33:38 by CYDONIA
You can also get some info using GetSystemMetrics
Posted on 2002-07-14 17:41:28 by Kudos
Check thru the registry, most of this info is gathered by Windoze upon startup, and is stored until the next reboot. I won't give you a path, because it will differ between the NT variants and the 9x variants. If you are not sure where to start, get the brand or model name for your mobo or something, and do a search in the registry for values/keys by that name.

Also note that although most of this will be in the registry, windoze doesn't necessarily expose it all thru the API, if you insist on using the APIs only, you may have to look at the undocumented kernel APIs.
Posted on 2002-07-14 22:06:33 by sluggy