For those who use VC++ 6.0 as a developing tool for MASM
( I could find anything else that combines editor, make and debugger)

How to make VC++ project (*.dsp ) make to use browse files (*.sbr) that MASM can generate? There is SBR-SOURCE macro exported makefile, but I couldn't find anything in *.dsp file.

Browsing works well if asm file is a part of C++ project , it could even find definitions of Win32 functions mentioned in asm code, but not in asm only file.

Does Microsoft plan to add full support MASM in the next version VStudio? (users of VC++ 7.0, Have you checked?)
Posted on 2002-07-15 11:18:46 by Sergo
You can debugger pure *.asm files in VC6. Source code tracing.
Posted on 2002-07-15 18:57:55 by Roy Cline
I know, VC++ allows you you to debug going through source code and even watch all symols you defined in your code.
I mean, a different thing:
in a source code you can point at any word and then after pressing a right mouse button choose two commands
<Go to Definition (Reference) of "word the cursor points">
In order this works MSDEV needs a to create (Source browser file *.bsc) , in order bscmake to create bsc file it needs *.sbr files produced by compiler (MASM in our case).
And there is an 2 options in MASM -Fr -FR ( not sure, no ml at hand) that create such thing.
The problem is how to make Visual Studio to use those files.
Posted on 2002-07-15 21:22:05 by Sergo
the .sbr files are but together to one .bsc file by bscmake.exe. So use this tool.
Posted on 2002-07-16 00:11:48 by japheth
I've figured out the VC++ 6.0 debugging problem (finally). Huddle 'round, programmers...

1. Add ml.exe flags /Zi /Zd /FR BEFORE you specify any .asm files in the command line (better yet, add it to the very beginning of the command line).
2. Add link.exe flag /DEBUG
3. Add int 3 or something inside of you ASM code
4. Run it, go to "Debug" when the bug manifests itself, and you should see the source code or a dialog box to select the file path to the code

Best of all, it doesn't require bscmake.exe. Just make sure the *.pdb and *.sbr files are in the same directory as your executable
Posted on 2002-07-20 01:53:07 by Paulicles the Philosopher