I have read can?t remember where that there?s going to be a small piece of chip into the new microprocessors that will work similar to what SmartCards do nowadays, that is, it?ll have like security and identity functions.

So is that the CPU-id that appears from Pentium III?

ANd then, how can be checked that number?

With CPUID, but passing what parameter?

Do you know?

Or did I misunderstood?
Posted on 2002-07-15 12:35:56 by slop
Posted on 2002-07-15 14:11:21 by Brad
Thanx Brad, it was ther where I read it.

So I have tryed the following:


And this returns 32 bits in EAX,then


And this returns 3 values in EBX, EDX, ECX (but watch out, EAX gets scrambled, so save it first)

SO according to something I read from Intel, this should be the mentioned 96 bits ID.

But looking throug a program that uses Frit?s technology, it gives a completely different number.

SO what am I doing wrong?
Posted on 2002-07-16 11:55:08 by slop
Then again, in Chris Dragan?s Identification Utility, which I downloaded from a thread here, it gives the same number, "Serial Number".

But then there?s a "CPU Vendor code" which is different.
They are both 96-bits, but I don?t know which one is the good one.

Or are both of them?

It surely gives a nice way to know if a user has been doing illegal copies of a program.
Posted on 2002-07-17 11:08:37 by slop