I'm a bit confused about interrupts ... I've not been programming assembly for a long time ... Here is my question

Does using interrupt means that you're programming for DOS ?? The common example I see is INT 21h ( I think this one is for opening files .... ) ?

Thank you !
Posted on 2001-08-17 12:49:21 by JP?

Interrupts aren't necessarily for DOS but they're somewhat old
and slow. I would suggest using other routes (WIN32API) to get
the job done.

Posted on 2001-08-17 13:09:13 by Xtreme
software interrupts are ready routines that you can use.
In particular, int 21h is a dos-relative function. That mean that is in real mode adressing and you can't use it on a flat model application.

Is it correct ?
Posted on 2001-08-17 13:17:17 by Bit7
More or less, angelo. There are some interrupts under windows, but
these are very "foo" kind of things. SYSCALLs are implemented as
interrupt calls (under most operating systems), and I believe you
can interface with the DPMI interrupts from win32 as well (at least
under 9x). But you shouldn't be doing either :)
Posted on 2001-08-17 13:24:18 by f0dder