I am looking at some code and I'm seeing a call to SendMessage

I'm just curious about the wParam parameter which is 7D02, I looked at msdn.microsoft.com/library but I couldn't find anything about this number, does somebody know where I could find what this number means? I'm pretty sure that it is a constant ... I guess I could be wrong.

I've also looked in windows.inc, but couldn't find anything there either. Could this be some other type of identifier?

Posted on 2002-07-16 12:05:21 by gorshing
Maybe it is a custom message? What is it being sent to?
Posted on 2002-07-16 12:37:55 by bitRAKE
7D02 is meaningless without the context within which it is used.

The wParam part of a message is (like the lParam) a parameter which may or may not be acted upon by the message handler.

In the case of say WM_KILLFOCUS, the wParam tells the reciever of the message (the one which is loosing focus), which window is getting the focus.... Whether or not this is important, this is entirely up to the programmer of the reciever.

The messages are all outlined in the win32.hlp file. Check it out, it should tell you what they mean. Sometimes the *Params are split into smaller chunks (words rather than a single DWORD say), but their effect is still basically the same - to supply extra information to the reciever of the message beyond a basic do this, or do that.

Posted on 2002-07-16 12:41:42 by Mirno
A WM_COMMAND is being sent, so I take it then that would be a menu ID.

Later & Thanks
Posted on 2002-07-16 14:31:34 by gorshing