Hi all,

Its been a while since I posted a message here. While I'm
browsing the site I'm wondering is someone can tell me,
once and for all, how to pronounce "Iczelion".

I've been saying "I-SEE-LE-UN" but my friend says
"IK-ZIEL-YUN". It can be weird telling someone about
the site without saying it right...

:alright: Thanks!
Posted on 2001-08-17 13:02:18 by Xtreme

i don't know the answer but i had wondered the same exact thing! i have been saying it as: "ICK-ZEL-EON".

dr phil :)
Posted on 2001-08-17 13:27:01 by phil
Im in the exact same position as Phil. Now i know im not the only one!
Posted on 2001-08-17 14:11:15 by ChimpFace9000
It looks like 'Ice Lion' to me - that sounds cool, too. Maybe, Iczelion could record some audio of his pronunciation of his handle? When I speak it usually confuses people, but it'd be nice to be understood about a couple of things. :)
Posted on 2001-08-17 14:16:18 by bitRAKE
rent the movie and see how it's pronounced there ;)
Posted on 2001-08-17 14:27:19 by Soul~Drudge
Don't care.... to me he's Superman king of Crypton!!!
Posted on 2001-08-17 17:17:15 by spahetti
I suppose pronouncing it phonetically it would be Is-zillion if you just run those two words together.
Posted on 2001-08-17 18:45:54 by Eóin
This might be related... wouldn't really surprise me, for various reasons ;).


edit: couldn't help adding this: "Muteki no power Ikusa-Girl Iczelion"
Posted on 2001-08-17 20:36:21 by f0dder
Well, f0dder

You hit the nail on the head.

Magical girl in robot battlesuits.

I didn't know that.

Do we care ????

Still don't know proper pronunciation.

Never mind I know what he know and is a lot.
Posted on 2001-08-18 04:10:08 by forge
In the anime, the Japanese pronunciation is "i-ku-ze-ri-on".
Posted on 2001-08-20 16:11:46 by tank
I took the nickname, Iczelion from a Japan anime of the same name. It's one of my favorite anime so when I had to think up a nick, Iczelion popped up.
Actually I am not sure about the correct pronunciation but I pronounce "Iczelion" as "Ick-see-lian"
Posted on 2001-08-21 07:04:44 by Iczelion