Have a situation where I use several different settings of
CreateFont with different sizes and colors. As I go from one
CreateFont to the other the sizes and colors are not changing correctly. I think it is the way that I am handling the SetObject and DeleteObject. No examples in IczTutes or Petzold that help.
Posted on 2002-07-16 13:38:21 by shankle
I was doing something similar a while ago. Why don't you post your code. I ran into a similar problem when i wasn't using DeleteObject properly.
Posted on 2002-07-16 21:57:32 by IwasTitan
Thanks for your reply.
I found my problem. After setting GETDC I managed to
get out of the routine without releasing the DC.
It was a hard error for me to find.
Posted on 2002-07-17 07:47:58 by shankle