any one know a good tut , describing skinned mesh ??

DirectX 8.1 Documentation is very bad. i don't know who write it in microsoft !! .

aslo i have some qe.
what is the difference between.


methods ?? while Generating Mesh in SkinnedMesh example that come with DirectX 8.1 SDK ??
Posted on 2002-07-16 19:48:47 by Sa6ry
Thought you deserved a reply.
Theres Bugger All good info out there on Skinned Meshes, and even less on animating them, the nuts and bolts of matrix hierarchies etc.
I'm with you bro !! I feel your pain !!
All I can suggest is the example from the dx8 sdk, which is in C, you'll need to translate it etc. Maybe when I finish the Donuts3D example I'll turn my attention to animated skinned mesh models.
Posted on 2002-08-10 23:42:53 by Homer