Doe's anyone have a sourcecode for creating a mandelbrot fractal? Or maybe some good links ?


Posted on 2001-08-17 15:40:42 by Delight
Ron Thomas's site has a mandelbrot fractal demo with source.
Posted on 2001-08-17 19:38:17 by Wayne
The formula is X<-X^2 + C, where X and C are imaginary numbers and C0=yi+x, x and y are the coords of the point being evaluated. There used to be an optimized algorithm on Paul Hsieh's Page, but I can't seem to find it. If you want I could look around on my HD and email you some sources - email me if that is the case.

I already had: 16bit, 32bit, FPU, XMM mandelbrot routines, and now I just found this MMX stuff.
Posted on 2001-08-17 20:13:15 by bitRAKE
i believe test center has got exactly what you are looking for.
Posted on 2001-08-18 15:59:38 by MovingFulcrum
ah - great opportunity to re-post my little fractal explorer program :grin:

attached a small directx version of my mandelbrot with source.
Posted on 2001-08-19 09:53:54 by beaster
I just wanted to thank all of you guys for helping me!


Posted on 2001-08-19 14:50:42 by Delight