Yes, i need the states/messages...

Damn, this COM-Stuff really sucks - i'm to stupid for this!

After i do this

invoke CoCreateInstance, addr CLSID_WinGrabLibrary, NULL, CLSCTX_ALL, addr IID_IWinGrabLibrary, addr ppv

i'm able to use all the functions of the IWinGrabLibrary.

Now i would like to access the functions of the IWinGrabGrabControl. So i do the following

coinvoke ppv, IWinGrabLibrary, QueryInterface, addr IID_IWinGrabGrabControl, addr ppv_WinGrabGrabControl

and it fails, any idea? Or is this the wrong way to access the funtions of IWinGrabGrabControl?
Posted on 2002-07-26 06:16:06 by LazyT
Without documentation for the library it's hard to say but assuming they're following microsoft conventions the syntax looks ok. You can get a text description of the error value returned from the coinvoke (right now it's an HRESULT) with DXGetErrorDescription.

Posted on 2002-07-26 12:51:37 by grv575