imagine a game that runs in fullscreen on simple GDI. the whole screen is needed to run the game. but there is also a bitmap button to open an options menu. the options menu should be able to display all the standard window controls (button, check boxes, etc.). what would be the best way to do that?
opening a dialog box over the fullscreen game doesn't seem to be very "professional", the whole thing should fit into the game design.. can anybody help me with that?

Posted on 2002-07-17 13:55:21 by NOP-erator
I remember this cool game that drew an interface out of pipes - they would start in the center of the bars and draw outward, creating each side. Then there would be a flash where the sides meet in the corner - an elbow piece would replace the flash. Looked all digital and very cool. All the information was animated. Maybe, you could do something like that? Or, maybe just a skinned dialog?
Posted on 2002-07-17 14:35:29 by bitRAKE
skinned dialog.. hmm..i think that would be the easiest way, wouldn't it?

btw: could anybody pls move the thread to "Game programming" section? it fits more in there IMHO

Posted on 2002-07-17 14:49:09 by NOP-erator
Well using a skinned dialog you might also draw or blit the controls yourself. If your using a back buffer, which I would defenitely recommend without having a lot of experience, you could just blit your pre-drawn controls on it
That will also give your game a more exclusive touch instead of using standard grey Windows controls. Also could add button animations easily that way.
Do you know of a good GDI Tutorial, since I'm interested in stuff like this, too ?
Posted on 2002-07-17 14:56:48 by goofee

thanks, of course i'm using a backbuffer for things like that. i already created other programs (also some simple) that use that technique, perhaps you can learn from them by visiting my website and downloading them...

painting my own buttons means to code a window procedure for all the stuff, doesn't it? i think i just skin my dialog, and then try to skin the controls, too, somehow.. :grin:

Posted on 2002-07-17 14:59:38 by NOP-erator
OK, thanks. I did have a look at your page and it looks very professional and well layouted. Quite a few examples, too. :)

I just wrote about source code sample at Iczellions place before in another thread but I just remembered there is an example on his page for skinned windows, too. You might want to go check this out.


Posted on 2002-07-17 15:30:18 by goofee
Here's another idea - create some <RECT> rectangle structures defining areas of the screen where certain events are to occur, and check the mouse coordinates against each rectangle to determine which, if any, the cursor is over.
This check can be done to handle a "left mousebutton click" windowmessage (WM) and so when the user left-clicks, we grab the mouse cursor coords and then perform the rectangle checks. Now we can use this with DX surfaces easily.
Posted on 2002-07-25 07:49:30 by Homer
this is exactly what i've done, thank you!
Posted on 2002-07-25 08:24:49 by NOP-erator