Hi all,

well, i wanred to have a colored textbox ('EDIT') in my application
BUT i want to use several colors

i mean, LIKE This

so, any help plz??
Posted on 2002-07-17 19:14:30 by CuTedEvil
Use RichEdit
Posted on 2002-07-17 20:42:01 by comrade
hi comrade,

u mean, there is no way i can make it with (EDIT) class?

anyway, thanx

i'll start reading the tutorialz on RichEdit coloring.


Posted on 2002-07-17 21:06:18 by CuTedEvil
You can owner-draw it, but it would be more work than using richedit.
Posted on 2002-07-17 21:07:17 by comrade
Didnt NaN post a custom edit control???
Search for keywords "custom control" and user "NaN"
Posted on 2002-07-18 01:03:23 by bazik
i've found it bAZiK, thanx :)
sorry cuz i'm still not used to the place here, i'm new to this forum, and to the whole assemly world :)


Posted on 2002-07-18 14:20:41 by CuTedEvil